Xbox Design Studio

Xbox starts and ends with its incredible community of users. It was a privilege and challenge to work in this studio with that awesome group of designers.

I got to work and play on high level mental model explorations to define our direction, hit and run micro interactions that added polish to monthly releases and every size feature in between. It really was a gas.

  • Role Motion Designer 2
  • For Microsoft

Mental Model Refresh

Depth & 3D

“Playing the platform” – Thumb-stick peeks into the content instead of opening with “A” or the d-pad. (visual megan macmillan)

Experience guide explore. (visual megan macmillan)

Rare achievement! The return of true 3D objects to the platform.

Xbox on Win 10

For controlling Win 10 with a controller. Desktop and/or 10 foot. (visual patrick evan little)

Xbox App

Compact mode – a way to keep an eye on your Xbox Live feed and still get work done.

Carousel interaction – all the ways. (visual Xbox Design Studio)

Pull to refresh v1 (visual Xbox Design Studio)

Async, scrollable loading animation. (visual Xbox Design Studio)


Dev Home – First run experience. (visual Xbox Design Studio)

Dev Home – Dashboard customization flow. (visual Xbox Design Studio)